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 Moderator requirements and Application

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Moderator requirements and Application Empty
PostSubject: Moderator requirements and Application   Moderator requirements and Application Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 10:09 am

We are currently accepting applications.
You do realise to be considered for a staff position on the forums, you need to be active on the forums, and actively getting people to join up! Otherwise there is no point in getting more staff for such a small amount of users.

Moderator Requirements

  • Must be a part of the community for at least one month

  • Must be active

  • Must have experience moderating a forum

  • Must be able to type proper English

  • Must be mature

  • Must not be banned or previously banned

Moderator Application

Quote :
Are you active?:
Previous moderation experience?:
Are you experienced/comfortable with M4G forums?:
How long have you been a part of our community?:
Why do you believe your suited for this position?:
Do you have any ideas for our forums?:

So please, before applying. Think. Can you be active? Can you get on and support the community?
If not, let another person take the position.

Too apply please Send a message to admin with all the  questions and your answers..

Copy and paste the Questions in the Quote, answer them and then send it to Admin.

Thank you,
Hope to see you all on the forums!

Moderator requirements and Application Wy298511
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Moderator requirements and Application
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