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 Peter Moore replacing John Riccitiello as EA CEO - rumour

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PostSubject: Peter Moore replacing John Riccitiello as EA CEO - rumour   Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:42 pm

According to a rumour report, John Riccitiello will be asked to step down as EA CEO, and replaced with Peter Moore.

GameFront reports that an "anonymous source close to the matter" says Riccitiello will be given the nudge to step down after the July 30 earnings call, with Moore - presently EA's COO - lined up to take over.

If true, this would suggest that the recent statement from industry analyst Michael Pachter, who said Riccitiello is "worried about his job security", was possibly not quite the "joke" he attempted to play it down as.

According to GameFront's source, the decision isn't yet definitive, as the firm is still to take a vote on the matter, but adds that there has been evidence of internal "tension" throughout EA in midst of the firm's falling share prices.

EA is yet to respond to the rumour.

Riccitiello served as EA's COO from 1997 to 2004, then after a brief stint elsewhere, was hired as CEO in 2007.

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Peter Moore replacing John Riccitiello as EA CEO - rumour
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